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The Selling Process

Determining Asking Price

This is often done by a Comparative Market Analysis. After visiting the property and documenting all the criteria and amenities, the information is analyzed. Ultimately, we search our database for 3 competing properties currently on the market, 3 that are under agreement, and 3 comparable solds. Adjustments for differences in size and amenities along with interpretation of current market conditions may be necessary. All of these factors help determine the behavior of a ready, willing, and able Buyer and just how your property will stand up amongst the competition when it comes on the market.

Staging your home for Showings

Your REALTOR® will look at your home through Buyer’s eyes. He or She will make recommendations on how to show off your homes special features in the best possible light. There may be a minor repair, some cleaning, or closet clutter to attend to.

Searching for a Buyer

Your Buyer could be located anywhere, even across the country. Since no two homes are the same, marketing plans shouldn’t be either. For optimum exposure we will utilize many ways to reach qualified Buyers: Newspapers, Home Specialty Magazines, Direct Mail, Yard Signs, Broker Tours and Open Houses, Multiple Listing Services, National referral, local Networking, and many Internet websites.

Receiving and Accepting an Offer

After presenting you an offer, your REALTOR® will negotiate the best possible price, terms, and conditions on your behalf through your instruction.

The Transaction

Your REALTOR® will be in the center of the transaction and help coordinate all arrangements for closing the deal in a timely manner, such as the Home Inspection, Purchase and Sale Agreement, the Appraisal, Mortgage Approval, Homeowners Insurance Binder, Utility Transfers, the Closing Attorney, and final walk-through.

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